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The border-Meuse, measures in at about 47 KM (29 miles) and since 1839 has formed the border between Belgium and the Netherlands, and the Belgian Limburg and the Dutch Limburg. Due to it’s function as a border the Meuse and the surrounding landscape form a nature-rich part of the area. A varied landscape, with a mishmash of old distributaries, riverbanks and gulleys. The area has several monumental historical locations nearby.

The Meuse is free of motorboats and freighter-traffic. Hundreds of acres of protected nature in combination with the sound of silence, birds and flowing water have a way of relaxing. The Meuse is also a good destination for thrill-seekers, the rapids can supply you with the adrenaline boost needed.

We are all a guest in this beautiful environment, please handle the area and it’s animal inhabitants with respect and care.