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Safety first!

Kayak and Rafting tour Limburg always puts safety and equipment maintenance first. We have a selection of kayaks and rafts for you to choose from, depending on the amount of persons and intensity sought after. We can also advise you on which kayak or kano or raft best accompanies your group. Contact us, so we can help you!


Very tough touring Kayaks, available in 1- or 2 person versions. It’s very stable and has a comfortable back-support.


American Coleman and Canadian Old Town kayaks, available in 2 and 3-person versions.

Canadian rafts

Canadian raft with seating for 5 tot 8 adults, with children it can support up to 10. Fun for young and old!

US Army rafts

Army rafts, 2×6 meters, can fit anywhere from 5 to 8 persons. These army rafts where used by American engineers in the Army from WWII until circa the 1970’s.