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Routes of Kajak and rafting tour Limburg

We offer three different routes, each with it’s own intensity and highlights. We advise you to pick the route which best suits your wishes. Our main stand is in Uikhoven (Belgium) on the other side of the bike ferry in Oud Geulle aan de Maas. Do you want more information about the routes? Please contact us!

Route 1

Starts in Uikhoven, Langeweidestraat 1( Belgie) and ends in Maasmechelen, Geneuth 100 ( Belgie).

You will be kayaking through quiet and beautiful patches of protected nature, Clock in around 1,5 Hour depending current and weather conditions.


  • Time: circa 1,5 hours

Route 2

The tour starts in Smeermaas, maasdijk 2 (municipality of Lanaken) Belgium and you sail to Kotem, (municipality of Maasmechelen), road to Geneuth 100, Belgium.

You will be kayaking through beautiful natural areas including some small rapids.

This trip is only possible if allowed by the corona rules and booked in advance.

Kayaking time approximately 3 hours, depending on current and weather conditions, good parking facilities.

  • Time: circa 3 hours

Indicate which route you prefer during reservations!