Kayaking and Rafting on the Meuse River

Kayaking & Canoeing

Enjoy the Meuse by kayak! Enjoy the amazing views and beautifull nature on the Meuse River. We have 1- and 2-person kayaks which are provided with comfortable seats that support your back while paddling.

We also have canoes suitable voor 2 adults with 1 or 2 small children.


The perfect outing for relaxing and teambuilding! De best choice for groups of friends, families, chiro, scouting, schools and companies.

Our rafts offer room for 4-8 people and is enjoyable for young and old.

Note: In de summer season the water levels are lower and the water is calmer.


Fun, not just on the water but also on the way back!

Finished kayaking or rafting and reached the endpoint? Take an e-step through the valley in Belgian Limburg back to the starting point.

Note: we have a limited number of e-steps.

Enjoy the river safe and comfortable

It is important to us that you enjoy your trip safe and comfortable! Included with your trip are:

NEW! Drybags (5L and 10L)
Drybags are for sale online or at our starting point in case you don’t have your own drybag or watertight barrel.

Enjoy unspoilt nature

You will be paddling on the Meuse river, a Belgian-Dutch river that forms the border between Belgium and the Netherlands.

Us kayakers are guests in a beautifull nature reserve with no motorised botes allowed on the river. There are bank swallows, kingfishers, herons and countless other birds that enrich the area alongside the herds of wild horses and Galloway cattle that all can be admired from the water. The Meuse, with its many rapids, also offers thrills for the adventure seeker.


Our route start in Uikhoven and ends in Kotem. Depending on the currents, wind and the pace of paddling you will be kayaking apx around 1.5 hours (6.5 KM).

Would you like a longer route? We offer a longer route for groups of 25 people or more. This is possible depending on the waterlevels. Contact us to look at the options and possibilities.

Prices for renting kayaks, canoes, rafts and e-steps

Kayaking & Canoeing

From €20.00 per person

  • Including Peddle and Lifejacket
  • Optional: Drybag (5L and 10L)
  • Special group rate for 25 or more people
  • Available from April till October
  • All activities at own risk


€125,00 per raft

  • Minimal 4 to max 8 persons per raft
  • Including Peddle and Lifejacket
  • Optional: Drybag (5L and 10L)
  • Special group rate for 25 or more people
  • Available all year
  • All activities at own risk


€10.00 per E-step

  • 1 person per e-step
  • Minimum 16 years of age
  • Limited amount of steps available Book in advance!
  • Only for transportation to start point
  • All activities at own risk

Frequently Asked Questions

The starting point is located at the Langeweidestraat in Uikhoven (Belgium). You will find the starting point at the end of the street towards the Grensmaas.
Directions to the starting point

The terminus is located at 100 Road to Geneuth in Kotem, Belgium. Please note that this is a farm terrace. From here you will find a chapel on the left and see a sign “kayak tours.” Here you can drive in and park your car (for free) along the waterfront.
Directions to the end point

If you sail the standard route it is possible to return by E-steps (if booked in advance). Note : We recommend bringing a backpack to put your belongings in.

It is also possible to walk back to the starting point. The short walking tour is 3.6 KM. The long walk, through the nature reserve along the waterfront is 6 KM. You will receive instructions from us on how to walk after your water adventure.

If you come with several cars, you can also park a car in advance at the end point. Then you can drive back to the starting point with this car when you arrive at the end point. Driving there and back to the starting point by car is about 20 minutes.

If desired, we can also arrange transport through a partner. Inform without obligation about the possibilities and costs.

There is more than enough free parking at the starting point in Uikhoven.

If the reservation is not cancelled before the agreed 48 hours, we are forced to charge half the cost.

It is important to stay in touch with each other when doubts arise as to whether or not the activity can go ahead due to weather. Consultation on possible cancellation may be done by phone, but cancellation can only be done by mail.

  • In warm weather, make sure you have enough drinks on the water, these should not be alcoholic drinks.
  • Also remember to wear a head covering and sunscreen in warm weather.
  • Wear clothes that can get wet during the trip.
  • Provide light footwear that is snug around the foot, no flip flops or boots.
  • Make sure you have dry clothes on hand at the end point.
  • In case of rainy weather, a thin rain jacket.
  • For your (sun)glasses a cord that you attach to both arms of your glasses so that you cannot lose them.
  • Attach any backpack to the boat or put the stuff in a barrel.
  • Do not take (emotional) valuables such as expensive watches, rings, necklaces and the like onto the water.
  • Treat nature with respect, do not leave any dirt or litter behind.

Age is not important. It is important that the children are in possession of a swimming certificate and that they always come kayaking or rafting under the supervision of an adult.

Your dog is welcome with us! There is no further charge for this. We recommend a 2 person kayak. Your dog fits right in here. Note: boating with your dog is at your own risk, remember it is running water. With strong currents, it is not recommended to take your dog into the water.

Wearing a life jacket is mandatory at all times and at all temperatures. This is checked by us, Rijkswaterstaat and the Flemish Waterway.

A swimming certificate is mandatory for everyone.

  1. Sit up straight, shoulders relaxed, chest slightly forward, and hands free to hold your paddle (you can even keep the ‘other hand’ open to make it easy to turn the paddle).
  2. Rotate your upper body so that the ‘front arm’ goes forward, shoulder and all, and put the paddle blade in the water approximately at your feet.
  3. Pull the paddle along the bow of your kayak as if you were trying to pull yourself forward, keeping the paddle ‘as vertical as possible’ (i.e. not quite, make sure your elbow does not rise above the shoulder on the other side), and support with the foot from the other side (left arm paddles-right foot props, right arm paddles-left foot props).
  4. Remove the leaf from the water and complete the movement so that your other side is now turned forward and you can put the leaf in the water at about your feet.

In the summer you can moor almost anywhere and enjoy a picnic in the sun. We do ask that you take all the waste neatly back onto the boat. You can put this in a trash can at the endpoint afterward. In the spring we advise not to go to the side, because that is the breeding period for birds in the nature reserve. If you are going for a picnic, keep in mind that we expect you back 2.5 hours after the start.

In most cases you can just sail. We do not force anyone to go on the water. We don’t let anyone sail in the event of a thunderstorm or too high water level. Our judgment in this regard is decisive.

When booking online you can pay directly via iDeal or Bancontact. Do not forget to bring your reservation or payment number. It is also possible to pay in cash on arrival. You would help us a lot if you have the exact amount.

  • Sailing is done entirely at your own Risk!
  • Life jackets are mandatory at all times and at any temperature.
  • Swimming diplomas are mandatory.
  • Alcohol or the use of alcohol on the Maas or during the sailing trip is not allowed.
  • Kayak Tour Limburg is at all times authorized to interrupt or abort the activity. This is for safety reasons.
  • At the discretion of the landlord, the number of supervisors for young groups is mandatory. These adult escorts must be from the group participating in the departure.
  • Wherever you are on the water, you are on the Maas border. If you sail with the current, the right bank is Dutch territory and the left bank is Belgian territory. We tell this for a special reason; should something go wrong and you can’t go any further for whatever reason, try landing on the Belgian bank (left). You have our mobile number, contact us and we will try to get you back on the water as soon as possible.
  • Water recreation with small ships propelled by muscle power (such as canoeing, kayaking and rafting) on the common Meuse between Lanaken/Borgharen and Kinrooi/Stevensweert is not easy. The common Meuse is a rain river, the level of which can change very sharply and very quickly. The flow rate of the water also differs from place to place and depending on the (different) weather conditions. Every canoeist must therefore take into account the unpredictable nature of the communal Meuse. Don’t be surprised. Sail safely and be prepared for unexpected situations.

Contact us

The fastest way to book is directly via our website. Do you still have a question or would you like to speak to someone before you make a reservation? Please feel free to contact us.

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