Kajak & Rafting Tour Limburg
Kayak op de Maas Raften op de Maas Raften op de Maas


A day lasting journey for young and old on the river the Maas in a total different Limburg, through a unknown and unspoiled nature without any motorized trafic.
    The journey starts in:
  • Maastricht-Borgharen, Sluisdijk (Wijk 23) untill Meeswijk
  • Maastricht-Borgharen, Sluisdijk (Wijk 23) untill Uikhoven
  • Uikhoven (Schoorstraat Maasmechelen Belgium) untill Meeswijk
The starting trajects:

From Borgharen (Sluisdijk, Maastricht) to Uikhoven, 11 km, travel time: +/- 2,5 hours. Free parking available, connected to public transportation . Reservation compulsory at info@kajaktourlimburg.nl

From Uikhoven (Langeweidestraat 1) to Meeswijk , 13 km, travel time: +/- 3 hours. Free parking available. This travel route offers the finest scenery including rapids.

From Geneuth (Halstraat, Maasmechelen) to Meeswijk, 8 km, travel time: +/- 2 hours. Short route which offers the finest scenery including rapids. Reservation compulsory at info@kajaktourlimburg.nl

During construction workers holliday from 10.00 a.m. till 13.00 p.m. at Uikhoven reservations are not necessarily while stocks last.

    Good parkings for cars are at your disposal
  • At the starting point you will have a breefing and receive safety-vests and small watertight containers
  • You can make a reservation for yourney back to the starting points by touringcars or taxi-busses


You can reserve or get information by contacting us.

Telephone: 00 31 (0)43 8519582
Mobile: 00 31 (0)6 51335102
E mail: info@kajaktourlimburg.nl

Water recreation with muscular power-driven crafts, like for instance canoing, kayaking, rafting,… on the common Maas between Lanaken/Borgharen and Kinrooi/Stevensweert, is not always that easy. The common Maas is a rain-fed river, therefore the water level can rise fiercely and fast. Furthermore the velocity of the flow can differ depending on the location and on the changeable weather conditions. Therefore every canoeist should bear in mind the wayward character of the common Maas. Be on your guard!. Navigate safely and be prepared for unexpected situations.